The Health of Nations:

Treating and Preventing Disease

We are in a period of tremendous medical innovation. We are also in a period of great medical need. People in industrialized countries are faced with unprecedented levels of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression. People in developing countries and emerging markets face a different set of health issues, including infectious diseases, chronic malnutrition, and environmental hazards such as poor air quality and contaminated water. There are compelling economic and humanitarian opportunities for investors to be a part of the solution to these challenges by investing behind product commercialization, medical innovation, and health care delivery systems.

Moving the Needle Globally for Health Care Solutions

Across the health care spectrum, KKR portfolio companies are moving the needle by creating innovative health care solutions and systems, advancing diagnostic capabilities, and researching cures.

Our portfolio companies are creating meaningful products and making discoveries that have the potential to minimize or eradicate a variety of diseases or chronic conditions for future generations. Our Firm’s deep knowledge in the health care industry, a long history of successfully investing in this field, and a wide network of relevant relationships position us to facilitate growth and operational enhancements in these companies around the world.

Promoting Employee Wellness

By focusing on wellness and safety at the Firm and portfolio levels, we believe we are able to offer more value to employees while also creating more value for our fund investors.

In Our Portfolio

We work to improve the health and well-being of portfolio company employees through our Wellness Works program and Worker Safety effort. Our Co-CEO, Henry Kravis, along with three CEOs from our portfolio companies participate in the American Heart Association CEO Roundtable.

In Our Firm

As part of the Wellness Works initiative and our commitment to align with the recommendations that we make to our portfolio companies, KKR has facilitated biometric screenings for our U.S.-based employees for four years. All employees received wellness coaching and health management resources if their results indicated a health risk. We continue to offer our flu shot program, health risk assessment, and cancer screening annually. We also continue to provide CPR training, healthy food options, and support for physical activities, including gym memberships, walking programs, and running events.

Parental Support Policies

Our Focus on Parental Support Policies

KKR’s commitment to promoting health and wellness for our employees extends beyond our traditional health care benefits to encompass a growing range of parental leave and support policies and practices. We have extended several policies that we believe will help drive our Firm’s strategy of attracting, developing, and retaining the best possible talent. Learn more about our policies here.

Looking Ahead

The nature of health and health care is extremely dynamic. The conversations we can have today differ greatly from where we were focused just five years ago – or where we will be looking five years in the future. Global health care will continue to expand and evolve, presenting our Firm with both economic and humanitarian opportunities. By studying markets, science, and consumer behavior, we feel poised to capitalize on the changes afoot. We aspire to help deliver important solutions for efficiency, efficacy, and access while generating meaningful returns for our fund investors.

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