Citizenship: Our Impact on Communities

Building Strong Communities

Being a strong corporate citizen is important to KKR. Citizenship includes the way in which KKR interacts with our employees and communities and how they in turn engage with each other. We continue to deepen our commitment to philanthropic giving and volunteer service by providing internal and external impact opportunities for employees and our shared communities.

KKR 40 for 40

Employees are encouraged to contribute up to 40 hours of paid community service during the year of our Firm’s 40th anniversary. Learn more here.

Nonprofit Board Service Opportunities

We are committed to connecting KKR executives with nonprofit board service opportunities. To date, we have successfully placed more than 40 executives on nonprofit boards as well as additional employees in mentorship programs. Through ongoing engagement and partnership, employees in these roles interact in a meaningful way with key nonprofits and the populations they serve.

Global Speaker Series

We continued our KKR Speaker Series, introducing our executives to new organizations and thought leaders and connecting them with opportunities for community involvement. Featured organizations included the Ford Foundation, the Humane Society, and East Bali Cashews in New York City in 2016.

Matching Gift Program

The KKR Employee Matching Gift Program matches employee donations to eligible nonprofit organizations dollar for dollar up to $4,000 per employee annually to incentivize employee giving and community involvement. We have matched nearly $2 million in donations to organizations supporting issues ranging from children’s education to environmental conservation to public health and housing since our employee matching gift program began in 2013.

Charitable Giving

Globally, KKR has donated more than $11.2 million to charitable organizations through the KKR Charitable Gift Fund since 2005.

Pro Bono Consulting for Social Enterprises

As a way to engage with impact investing, KKR provides pro bono consulting services to social enterprises – businesses that put social impact on a par with or ahead of financial impact. Since 2013, employees from KKR and KKR Capstone have provided financial, operational, and analytical expertise to five organizations: East Bali Cashews, Glovax Biotech Corporation, Banyan Nation, Piece & Co., and Homeboy Industries. Learn more here.

Our Founders' Commitment

Volunteerism is championed by our founders Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts, both of whom are actively engaged in leading nonprofits. They give back to their respective communities through The Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership, which recognizes excellence in the nonprofit sector through an annual grant, and through REDF, an organization founded by George R. Roberts to provide equity-like grants and business assistance to nonprofits in California.

Portfolio Company Citizenship

Many of our portfolio companies also maintain robust citizenship programs in which they support the needs of the communities in which they operate.

Talent Management Within KKR

At KKR, we are deeply committed to ensuring that we are a firm that attracts, develops, and retains the best possible talent through a focus on:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion
  • Offering leading benefits and resources
  • Investing in training and development of our employees

A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Becoming more diverse and inclusive is a strategic imperative for KKR as we believe it can maximize our performance and produce better results. In 2014, we created the Inclusion & Diversity Council, whose global leadership is composed of eight KKR Members and an Advisory Group of 21 diverse KKR executives. In 2016, we incorporated inclusion and diversity more formally into the Firm’s strategic planning process.

Specifically, we have improved our pipeline of diverse candidates and expanded our external partnerships with diversity focused organizations. Areas of progress in 2016 include:

  • Increased representation of women and ethnic minorities at the Firm
  • Instituted comprehensive policies and programs for working parents, including extended paid leave for primary and nonprimary caregivers and a firm-paid Childcare Travel Program
  • Added award-winning adoption reimbursement benefits for all U.S. employees and will continue to expand that benefit globally

Our programs will continue to expand and evolve, reinforcing KKR’s position as a diverse, supportive employer of choice. Learn more here.

Enhancing Employee Benefits and Resources

Our approach to employee benefits and resources strategically aligns with our priorities as an organization and aims to integrate health care, wellness and work-life flexibility considerations.

To drive further growth in these program areas and foster a culture of health and wellness, KKR hired a global head of benefits in 2014 and began implementing new programs such as:

  • Emergency backup child/elder care
  • Enhanced near-site primary care access
  • Infertility management support
  • Greater access to programs and tools to ensure informed health care decisions and increased wellness offerings

Employee Training and Development

To further cultivate the most important differentiator of KKR – our people – we are committed to continuously investing in employee training and professional development. We offer training, mentoring, and executive coaching to supplement employees’ on-the-job experience and performance feedback. Our human resources professionals are dedicated to providing new employees with: A seamless transition into our culture development opportunities at key career transitions skills-based development workshops to maximize performance.

"Greening" Our Operations

We believe that our greatest environmental impact comes through our work with portfolio companies. Therefore, we have focused on environmental issues with our portfolio companies through initiatives such as the Green Solutions Platform. However, with growing teams and offices around the world, our commitment extends to enhancing KKR’s direct environmental footprint. We accomplish this through strategic operational changes and employee engagement.

As the Firm continues to expand globally and open new offices, we are identifying opportunities to integrate environmentally focused initiatives. Moving forward, we will continue to provide opportunities for KKR employees to participate in awareness campaigns and service events, such as our global support of Earth Hour. These efforts not only reinforce the Firm’s commitment to sustainability, but also support procedures and products that are healthiest for our employees and environment.

Making Work Fun

KKR aims to be an employer of choice for top talent around the globe. As such, we offer a range of social events and experiences to our employees. As a firm, we provide opportunities for employees to socialize and build relationships outside of our office walls. Whether through trivia nights or sporting events, we are always working to find ways for employees to connect with each other and disconnect from their computers.