Citizenship: Our Impact on Communities


Building Strong Communities

Successful companies are only as strong as the communities in which they operate. Being an engaged and responsible corporate citizen is important to KKR. Since launching the citizenship platform in 2016, we have defined our focus and strengthened our commitment to KKR employees and the communities we share. Our philanthropic reach and citizenship activities encompass our Firm, our employees, and our portfolio companies.

KKR Cares

KKR employees can offer a wealth of resources, connec­tions, and expertise to their communities around the world. Through our KKR Cares platform, we offer strate­gic programs and opportunities that encourage, inspire, and support employees as they engage with nonprofits and their communities. We help employees establish connections, create strong impact, and expand their horizons. KKR Cares inspires and enriches our employees’ professional and personal lives through three core components. Learn more below.

Global Speaker Series

We continued our KKR Speaker Series, introducing our executives to new organizations and thought leaders and connecting them with opportunities for community involvement. In the last year, featured organizations have included Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Equality Without Borders, and All Hands.

Charitable Giving

Globally, KKR has donated more than $12.1 million to charitable organizations through the KKR Charitable Gift Fund since 2005.

Pro Bono Consulting for Social Enterprises

As a way to engage with impact investing, KKR provides pro bono consulting services to social enterprises – businesses that put social impact on a par with or ahead of financial impact. Since 2013, employees from KKR and KKR Capstone have provided financial, operational, and analytical expertise to five organizations: East Bali Cashews, Glovax Biotech Corporation, Banyan Nation, Piece & Co., and Homeboy Industries. Learn more here and below.

Engaging With Communities Around the Globe

In 2017, we deepened our corporate engagement efforts by providing more impact opportunities for employees and our shared communities. KKR supports healthy, inclusive communities and has focused on forming strategic relationships with nonprofit organizations that enable this vision. We partner with organizations such as Code First: Girls, Girls Who Code, Girls Who Invest, Management Leadership for Tomor­row, and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) to help build pipelines of diverse talent and train the next generation of the workforce. Learn more below.

Celebrating 40 Years: 40 for 40

In 2016, we launched KKR 40 for 40, an employee-driven volunteer program, to celebrate KKR’s 40th anniversary and give back to the many communities that have given so much to our Firm. The program grants employees 40 hours of paid time to volunteer at community projects and nonprofit organizations that are meaningful to them. To introduce our employees to volunteer opportunities, we hosted two Nonprofit Networking Events in 2017 that brought together nearly 50 nonprofits and more than 200 U.S. employees.

More than 650 employees have participated in KKR 40 for 40 since its launch, committing more than 7,000 hours to nonprofits around the world. Learn highlights of employees’ volunteer experiences below and watch the related video here.

In addition to individual KKR 40 for 40 efforts, employees in our global offices have been volunteering through team projects. Learn more below.

Our Founders' Commitment

Volunteerism is championed by our founders Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts, both of whom are actively engaged in leading nonprofits. They give back to their respective communities through The Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership, which recognizes excellence in the nonprofit sector through an annual grant, and through REDF, an organization founded by George R. Roberts to provide equity-like grants and business assistance to nonprofits in California.

Portfolio Company Citizenship

Many of our portfolio companies also maintain robust citizenship programs in which they support the needs of the communities in which they operate. Learn more below.