Our Firm and Impact


For more than forty years, KKR has delivered strong investment performance. Today, our one-firm approach and culture of innovation provide new solutions in a rapidly evolving investment landscape.

Since KKR’s founding in 1976, we have worked to create shared value for our fund investors, stakeholders, and the companies in which we invest. With deep roots in private equity, we have expanded into other alternative asset classes and have a growing presence in the public and capital markets. Today, KKR is a leading global investment firm managing $168.5 billion of assets across multiple strategies.

In today’s complex global economy, we believe success depends on flexibility, the ability to collaborate on opportunities, and the strength to work collectively through challenges. We employ world-class people who function as a team across asset classes, geographies, and industry groups.

We aim to generate attractive investment returns for our clients by following a patient, disciplined investment approach and aligning our interests with those of our fund investors. Our approach to responsible investment is no different. We promote operational excellence and strive to make thoughtful management decisions.

Transparency, engagement, and mutual learning with our partners are central to our efforts. We adapt to changes and achieve impact by cultivating strong internal expertise. To supplement our own capabilities, we partner with leading experts who provide insights on a range of market, societal, geopolitical, public policy, reputational, and macroeconomic issues. They also advise us on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment matters.

Assets Under Management (AUM) and KKR Balance Sheet

KKR Assets Under Management (AUM) breakdown: Total AUM: $168.5 bn Private Markets AUM: $97.5 bn, which is Private Equity ($82.5 bn) + Energy and Infrastructure ($8.7 bn) + Real Estate ($6.4 bn) Public Markets AUM: $70.9 bn, which is Credit ($44.7 bn) + Strategic Stakes ($26.2 bn) **WITH ALL FOOTNOTES  KKR Balance Sheet: Book value of the KKR balance sheet is $11.7 bn  **WITH FOOTNOTE

Our Private Equity Portfolio

Our private equity portfolio is composed of 101 companies with approximately 637,500 employees and more than $120 billion in revenue, as of December 31, 2017.

Our Private Equity Portfolio includes 101 companies (43 in the Americas, 36 in Asia-Pacific, and 22 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), 637,500 employees (259,100 in the Americas, 251,800 in Asia-Pacific, and 126,600 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), and $120 bn in Revenue ($51 bn in Americas, $57 bn in Asia-Pacific, and $11 bn in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). *WITH FOOTNOTE