Messages From Our Leaders


Co-Founders Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts share their perspectives on the state of the Firm and our responsible investment journey while Co-Presidents Scott C. Nuttall and Joseph Y. Bae discuss our progress and the path ahead.

A Note From the Founders

“For continued success, we must be more informed, nimble, and engaged than ever. We’ll strive to provide effective and efficient solutions to the challenges our companies and communities face.” 
- Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts

We have been in the business of building companies and returning strong investment outcomes for our investors for 42 years. As we reflect on this legacy, we are extremely proud, but always strive to do more. For at KKR, the work of building strong companies and better, more secure futures for our clients will never be done.

More than four decades of investing have taught us that success lies in people and in performance. To successfully grow companies and create positive outcomes for communities, we must consider multiple stakeholders’ perspectives and a range of factors. Ten years ago, we recognized the opportunity to develop differentiated investment strategies that protect and grow value. By proactively considering broader stakeholder issues as part of our investment process, we began our responsible investment journey.

A Word From the Presidents

“Leaders across industries are demanding more of themselves and their partners, and so are we. We are focused more than ever on delivering for those who invest with us, on maximizing our impact, and on creating a best-in-class workplace with diverse talent.” 
- Scott C. Nuttall and Joseph Y. Bae

During our 22 years with KKR, we have experienced tremendous change – both at the Firm and in the world. Our time as investors, and now as Firm leaders, has taught us how critical it is to understand clearly and respond swiftly to shifts in markets, performance, and perspectives.

We are living in a time of remarkable changes. Consumers are redefining their expectations of how business should operate in society. Citizens are concerned about topics like climate change and are demanding action. Digital users have evolving expectations about data privacy. Employees are vocalizing what they need and want from their employers in unprecedented ways.