Global Challenges. Global Solutions.


For many companies around the world, the past year was filled with volatility. Whether suffering from the effects of a changing climate or struggling to cope with shifting demographics, increased urbanization, and political instability, companies have been dealing with an unprecedented array of challenges and many have been working to develop innovative solutions.

Identifying Common Challenges

In our 2015 ESG and Citizenship Report, we identified five global challenges that can affect our companies, that our companies can impact, or both. Two years later, while these major themes remain relevant to the companies in which we invest, we have also recognized that workforce issues have become distinctly more relevant over time. Thus we have identified a sixth global challenge that we also seek to understand: The Talent Puzzle: Focusing on Employees. We outline these six challenges in the interactive table below.

In addition, many of our investments are helping to create stronger, more resilient communities as they improve infrastructure, mitigate climate risks, and spur healthy economic development. We share examples of  how select portfolio companies are contributing critical societal solutions or enhancing their own business resilience through case studies.

Our commitment to ESG management has not only reduced risk and created value for our investors, but also allowed us to develop deep expertise in areas that help build better companies and help address the challenges we have identified in this report.

An Overview of Six Key Global Challenges and KKR's Approach

Below, we explain each challenge in the context of how it is affecting our portfolio and how we believe companies can respond. Further, we describe how we are collaborating with our portfolio companies to address these challenges in their operations.