The Talent Puzzle:

Focusing on Employees


The human capital required to run industry-leading operations is becoming more scarce. An aging – and thus retiring – workforce in much of the United States, Europe, and parts of Asia, coupled with deficiencies in the experience, education, and technology-based skills of current job seekers, has created a shortage of talent for companies. Companies can stay on their front foot in attracting top talent by striving to remain innovative, relevant, and competitive. By investing in professional development and human capital, companies should be better positioned to engage and retain the talent that they recruit.

People: The Ultimate Resource

iconEngaged, smart people are a company’s greatest asset. Recognizing the need to be employers of choice so that we remain innovative and competitive, the Firm and many of our portfolio companies are evaluating and improving our talent management strategies.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that we are a firm that attracts, develops, and retains the best possible talent through:

  • A focus on increasing inclusion and diversity
  • Offering leading benefits and resources
  • Investing in training and development of our employees

Learn more about KKR's initiative at the Firm-level here.

Accelerating Diversity at Portfolio Companies

Our portfolio companies also understand the need to recruit and retain talented, diverse employees. In 2017, we partnered with BSR to develop an inclusion and diversity questionnaire to gather baseline information about select portfolio companies’ practices and to provide recommendations and resources to improve their long-term performance.

Research studies and think tanks have shown that a focus on diversity at the management and board of director levels can improve a company’s quality of decision-making, productivity and innovation, and profitability. In 2015 and 2016, we convened discussions with diversity experts, included panels at our portfolio company conferences, and assessed our public companies’ boards of directors for gender diversity.

Hiring Heroes: Vets @ Work

Launched in 2011, Vets @ Work is an initiative aimed at recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans across our U.S.-based portfolio companies. Veterans possess specialized skills, extensive training, leadership experience, and strong character from their years of military experience, making them welcome additions to diverse companies across the United States. More than forty of our portfolio companies have taken part in this initiative since its launch, focusing on all aspects of military-affiliated hiring practices, and have collectively hired more than 62,500 veterans and military spouses.

Looking Ahead

Although the demands on the world are continually increasing, the human resources required to support this growth are becoming less well-matched and more selective. Adapting to this landscape through comprehensive talent management, a focus on inclusion and diversity, and an investment in employees can help drive solutions by and for business.

Case Study

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