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An Employer of Choice

At KKR, we strive to attract, develop, and engage the strongest possible talent in order to create positive outcomes and experiences for our investors, companies, and stakeholders.

Professionals in our industry today have extensive choice in where and how they work. By embracing new research, leveraging technology, and collaborating across teams, we better understand what matters most to our people, and thus to our business. We aim to provide a dynamic and exceptional workplace that enables employees to thrive professionally and personally.

The core values of our founding partners are as relevant today as they were when the Firm began. These values are essential to how we do business at KKR, including how we manage and engage with our employees.

The KKR Experience

Our goal is to provide an unrivaled employee experience to create the strongest workforce possible. For us, the KKR Experience encompasses four dimensions: Workplace Culture, Core Business, Career Development, and Citizenship.

Workplace Culture: Cultivating Success

At the foundation of this value proposition is our "Workplace Culture," which underpins what we do and creates a supportive, industry-leading environment to help people succeed.

Our Firm’s values guide our goals and interactions, setting us apart from our peers. The seven values set out by our founders 42 years ago underpin all that we do and have informed the environment we have built. Today, our industry-leading workplaces are being designed to support flexibility, spur innovation, and build community. We are also driving internal communications that support transparency and increased employee engagement.

Core Business: Producing Exceptional Results

KKR employees participate in an exceptional investing environment as part of a first-rate team of professionals. We believe that because of our history, geography, and credibility, employees are part of transactions and networks that are uniquely ours. This is our "Core Business" proposition and we believe it is why people come to KKR.

KKR is a pioneer in the private equity industry. Our early willingness to try new things has shaped a culture of innovation and calculated risk-taking. Through decades of successful, varied investments, we have built a reputation as a Firm that is focused, rigorous, and cutting edge. When people join KKR, they have access not only to unparalleled investment opportunities, but also to a network of high-quality professionals. Through our differentiated investment strategies, commitment to responsible investment, and dynamic global footprint, KKR offers a rich, diverse experience that is both fulfilling and challenging.

Career Development: Investing in Employees

Once hired, we invest in our people. We provide benefit programs, compensation structures, and opportunities that empower them to stretch, grow, and achieve new levels of “Career Development.”

To cultivate the most engaged and impactful workforce, we invest in employee training and professional development. Employees receive mentoring and executive coaching to supplement on-the-job experiences and ongoing performance feedback from managers and team members. We regularly offer skills-based development workshops to maximize performance across every level of the organization. Our merit-driven compensation structure and differentiated benefit programs provide attractive financial incentives and rewards that can also result in positive outcomes for our investors and unitholders.

Citizenship: Giving Back to Our Community

We recognize that employees have needs, personal interests, and passions. Employees care deeply for their families and communities. They want purpose in their careers and in their lives. Our care for both employees and communities drives our increasing focus on “Citizenship."

Good citizenship helps make KKR an increasingly dynamic and exceptional place to work. Citizenship encompasses how we engage with our employees and communities and how they in turn engage with each other. We believe it is integral to the KKR Experience. It can create real value for us as a company, for our employees, and for the communities we all share. Our citizenship platform is integrated across the Firm with our wellness, inclusion and diversity, and sustainability programs as well as with office operations and events. Learn more here.

Talent Management Within KKR

At KKR, we are deeply committed to ensuring that we are a firm that attracts, develops, and retains the best possible talent through a focus on:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion
  • Offering leading benefits and resources
  • Investing in training and development of our employees

A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Becoming more diverse and inclusive is a strategic imperative for KKR as we believe it can maximize our performance and produce better results. In 2014, we created the Inclusion & Diversity Council, whose global leadership is composed of 11 KKR Members and an Advisory Group of approximately 20 diverse KKR executives.

Since then, we have improved our pipeline of diverse candidates, built a more diverse organization, and expanded our external partnerships with diversity-focused organizations. Areas of progress include:

  • Scored 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Corporate Equality Index for the third consecutive year
  • Joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, with Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts committing to this pledge
  • Hired 100 percent of our 2017 MBA summer intern class to join the Firm in 2018
  • Launched the Inclusion Network to bring our employees together across regions and offices to foster greater inclusion and celebrate the diversity of our workforce
  • Continued offering comprehensive policies and programs for working parents, including extended paid leave for primary and nonprimary caregivers, Parental Leave Executive Transition support, and a firm-paid Childcare Travel Program
  • Introduced adoption reimbursement benefits for all U.S. and London employees and seek to expand that benefit to employees in our other European and Middle Eastern offices in 2018

Our programs will continue to expand and evolve, reinforcing KKR’s position as a diverse, supportive employer of choice. Learn more here.

Enhancing Employee Benefits and Resources

Our approach to employee benefits and resources strategically aligns with our priorities as an organization and aims to integrate health care, wellness, and work-life flexibility considerations.

To drive further growth in these program areas and foster a culture of health and wellness, KKR hired a global head of benefits in 2014 and began implementing new programs such as:

  • Emergency backup child/elder care
  • Enhanced near-site primary care access
  • Infertility management support
  • Greater access to programs and tools to ensure informed health care decisions and increased wellness offerings

Employee Training and Development

To further cultivate the most important differentiator of KKR – our people – we are committed to continuously investing in employee training and professional development. We offer training, mentoring, and executive coaching to supplement employees’ on-the-job experience and performance feedback. Our human resources professionals are dedicated to providing new employees with a seamless transition into our culture, targeting development opportunities at key career transitions, and providing skills-based development workshops to maximize performance.

Making Work Fun

KKR aims to be an employer of choice for top talent around the globe. As such, we offer a range of social events and experiences to our employees. As a Firm, we provide opportunities for employees to socialize and build relationships outside of our office walls. Whether through trivia nights or sporting events, we are always working to find ways for employees to connect with each other and disconnect from their computers.

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