Working at KKR

An Employer of Choice

KKR aims to attract, develop, and engage the best possible people to create excellent outcomes and experiences for our investors and stakeholders.

Since our founding more than 40 years ago, KKR has endeavored to provide a dynamic, exceptional workplace. Today, professionals in our industry have extensive choice in where and how they work. Historically, our Firm’s culture and values have set us apart; while we believe our values are timeless, we recognize the world continues to change. Thus, the way we engage with our employees and the programs we offer to them must evolve too. By collaborating across teams, embracing new research, and leveraging technology, we have identified key factors and benefits that seem to matter most to our people and our business.

KKR Experience Founders

The core values of our founding partners are as relevant today as they were when the Firm began. These values are essential to how we do business at KKR, including how we manage and engage with our employees.

The KKR Experience

To remain an employer of choice and to create the best workforce possible, we focus on providing an unparalleled experience – the KKR Experience.

Core Business: Producing Exceptional Results

KKR employees join an exceptional investing environment and a world-class team of professionals. This is our “Core Business” proposition, and it is why people come to KKR.

KKR is a pioneer in the private equity industry. Our early willingness to try new things has led to a culture of innovation and calculated risk-taking. Through decades of making successful, varied investments, we have built a reputation as a Firm that is focused, rigorous, and cutting edge. When people come to KKR, they have access to not only unparalleled investment opportunities but also a network of high-quality professionals. Through our differentiated investment strategies, commitment to responsible investment, and dynamic global footprint, KKR offers a rich, diverse experience that is both fulfilling and challenging.

Career Development: Ensuring Employees Thrive

We invest in our people and provide them with compensation structures, benefit programs, and opportunities to stretch, grow, and achieve new levels of “Career Development.”

To cultivate the most engaged and impactful workforce, we invest in employee training and professional development. We offer workshops, mentoring, and executive coaching to supplement on-the-job experiences and ongoing performance feedback from managers and team members. KKR leaders and managers are dedicated to providing new employees with a seamless transition into our culture, while also targeting development opportunities for more seasoned team members at key career transitions. We regularly offer skills-based development workshops to maximize performance at every level across the organization. Our merit-driven compensation structure and differentiated benefit programs provide attractive financial incentives and rewards linked to producing excellent outcomes for our investors and unitholders.

Citizenship: Supporting People and Communities

We recognize that employees have needs beyond their professional careers and development. Employees have personal interests and passions, and they care deeply for their families and communities. We care about both our employees and our communities, which is why we have an increasing focus on “Citizenship.”

Good citizenship is an important part of our contribution to society and helps make KKR an increasingly dynamic and exceptional place to work. Citizenship encompasses how we engage with our employees and communities and how they in turn engage with each other. We believe it is integral to the KKR Experience and can create real value for us as a company, for our employees, and for the communities we all share. These citizenship  initiatives include our KKR 40 for 40 volunteer program, nonprofit board placements, technical assistance projects, employee matching gift program, and global speaker series. Working across the organization, our citizenship platform is integrated with our wellness, inclusion and diversity, and sustainability programs as well as with office operations and events. Learn more here.

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