Solutions Investments


Advancing Solutions Around the World

Increasingly, KKR is investing in businesses that are working to address pressing societal issues. While we seek to apply an ESG management lens to the activities in our portfolio where applicable, we also invest in opportunities in which responsibility and sustainability are core to the business model and investment thesis. KKR’s capital, operational capabilities, and long-term ownership model position the Firm well for investing in strategies that have positive societal impact.

Based on where we think opportunities are going forward, we have invested more than $4.6 billion behind sustainable solutions-oriented themes such as industrial and infrastructure solutions, environmental management, next-generation energy, responsible production and consumption, and learning resources and workforce development. These are themes that we believe contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which provide an important framework for assessing progress.

Learn more about our solutions investments with the map below and the Investing in Solutions Fact Sheet.