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KKR ESG & Citizenship Report

Eco-Efficiency: Alliance Tire Group

Improving Energy Efficiency and Waste Management in Production Facilities

Key Environmental Performance Areas:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Waste Generation

Tires are designed, developed, and tested at its advanced R&D centers globally.

Initiatives focus on environmental impact of its tire manufacturing in India and Israel.

All data and information in this case study are as of December 31, 2015, unless otherwise noted.


The industrial sector accounts for a significant portion of the world’s environmental impacts, including approximately half of global energy use. Manufacturers can help manage their energy consumption and waste production, as well as associated costs and environmental impacts, by improving the efficiency of their facilities as well as of the production process.i

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is a leading manufacturer of off-highway tires including three world-renowned brands: Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex. Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company has approximately 5,000 employees. ATG serves customers in 120 countries, across six continents and offers a full spectrum of products, from basic entry-level tires to a broad range of superior quality, value-added products. All of ATG’s tires are designed, developed, and tested at its advanced R&D centers around the world.


ATG’s initiatives focus on eco-efficiency by reducing energy consumption, minimizing scrap waste, and managing environmental impact at its tire manufacturing facilities in India and Israel. For more information on ATG’s focus areas, view this press release.

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