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KKR ESG & Citizenship Report

Eco-Efficiency: Sungard Availability Services

Managing Data Center Energy Efficiency

Key Environmental Performance Area:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Facilities)

Expanded a wind energy-powered data center in Sollentuna, Sweden.

Aligned with the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency in the UK facility.

All data and information in this case study are as of December 31, 2015, unless otherwise noted.


In an increasingly connected world with an increasing amount of big data, more companies require mechanisms, processes, and infrastructure, such as data centers, to handle the substantial data needs. Data centers consume a significant amount of energy, and studies expect global data center greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to grow 7 percent year-on-year through 2020.i

Sungard Availability Services (AS) helps customers improve the resiliency of their mission critical systems by designing, implementing, and managing cost-effective solutions using people, process, and technology to address enterprise IT availability needs. Recognizing that its data centers account for the majority of its GHG emissions and energy use, Sungard AS is committed to increasing its efficiency to lead to a reduction in its GHG emissions.


In 2014, Sungard AS enhanced its environmental performance in the following areas:

Changes to Sungard AS Facilities

  • Consolidated two smaller data centers and three underutilized business offices to move customers and equipment to higher energy efficiency data centers.
  • Expanded a data center in Sollentuna, Sweden, which is in line with the commitment to low-carbon facilities as all data centers in Sweden are powered entirely by wind energy.

North American Data Center Operations Environmental Performance

  • Focused on best practices, efficiency metrics, energy efficiency evaluations, HVAC temperature set points, and energy efficient equipment deployment and replacement through its Energy Efficiency Initiative.
  • Implemented practices such as installing blanking panels, floor grommets, energy efficient lighting, motion sensors, HVAC efficiency control systems, free cooling, and reflective roofs at select sites.
  • Purchased energy efficient HVAC equipment that will be installed in key data centers in 2015.

UK Data Center Operations Environmental Performance

  • Demonstrated industry thought leadership by measuring and managing performance, inviting third parties to assess performance, using energy from renewable sources, and aligning with the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency, among other actions.

New Energy Efficient Products and Services

  • Developed or expanded services that help the company and its customers reduce energy consumption or drive efficiencies through cloud computing services, Recovery as a Service, and Desktop as a Service. Cloud Computing Services derive energy efficiencies from the more efficient use of large scale computing power capability. It is turned on only when needed, and spare computing capacity is made available for use to other customers.


In 2015, Sungard AS established a 2014 greenhouse gas emissions baseline and plans to set goals and measure performance against this baseline. In 2014, the company improved energy efficiency and environmental performance through the following initiatives.

North American Data Center Operations Environmental Performance

  • Completed an 18-month project to leverage heat plate technology to improve energy efficiency by using free cooling for a chiller plant, which led to a savings of nearly 3 million kWh and eliminated more than 1,650 tons of GHG emissions.

UK Data Center Operations Environmental Performance

  • Reduced power usage effectiveness (PUE) performance from 2.0 to 1.9/1.8 at some of its latest data centers, including 1.3 PUE at its facility in Sweden. (PUE is calculated by dividing the amount of power entering a data center by the power used to run the computer infrastructure. An ideal PUE is 1.0.)

New Energy Efficient Products and Services

  • Implemented Cloud Computing Services, which means that Sungard AS’ own large-scale data centers run at optimum energy performance levels due to this technology.

Sungard Availability Services began participating in KKR's green program in 2009. For more information on these efforts, visit the company’s website.

i Global e-sustainability Initiative. “GeSI SMARTer2020: The Role of ICT in Driving a Sustainable Future.” December 2012. Web. 22 November 2014.

ii Self-reported portfolio company data is not calculated, reviewed or independently verified by KKR or KKR Capstone. For more information regarding the results methodology for companies evaluating their own data, please see the methodology section. There is no guarantee that any GSP-related avoided costs or added efficiencies will positively impact the portfolio company’s valuation or performance.

Unless otherwise noted, portfolio company data represents 2015 results, published in August 2016. These case studies may contain forward looking statements including descriptions of planned projects and projected results and savings. These statements are subject to the risk that the projects will not develop as planned or at all or that projected results and savings are not realized.